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Name:Sasha Ramsey
Birthdate:Oct 9

Sasha Ramsey
professor of the arcane arts, specializing in abjuration ♦ lawful neutral ♦ hails from abeir-toril

• blond, blue-gray eyes, broad angles, a short woman likely no older than her mid twenties garbed finely; in tow, a gnarled staff and a satchel no lighter than her thickest tome, but seemingly endless in what it contains. she is a genial sort, cautious, attentive to details, however like many she has her fair share of secrets. •

• Player and character are both 18+

• "Sasha Ramsey" is fictitious. Any resemblance to a real person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This online journal is solely for the purpose of cooperative role-play, and it is not intended for anything but.

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